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Get your ball rolling, use music anchors to trigger flow state.

Get your ball rolling, use music anchors to trigger flow state.

Matt Smithies
Matt Smithies

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit or any other social media for that matter.

These companies make money from your direct attention, making it easy to drift into a state of procrastination.

The technology and business behind these companies are designed for that purpose.

Making our jobs harder especially working remotely due to vast amounts of material that is distracting.

To work effectively, to be trusted by your team or client discipline is required.

Sometimes you need a small push to get your ball rolling.

If you are finding this difficult consider this tool/strategy/hack.

  1. Find a song you love.
  2. Play the song on repeat.
  3. Play the song in different environments; at work, during a gym session or during activities that you are passionate about.

The eventual goal is to psychologically anchor your song with a internal flow state that is triggered through a gym session or a hobby through a process of Classical Conditioning.

Overtime when the song is playing it should make you feel that it is easier to focus and drift into a state of flow, making you feel compelled to be productive.

These are my top 3 played songs, notice the plays for number 1?

Personally, I've played this song over many gym and my skateboarding sessions. Playing it at work has helped my mind connect back to those activities, helping me to focus.

This is the song in question: Rob Zombie - Dragula - Matrix Remix.

Good luck with this little technique, give it ago.