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World Class Remote: Members Newsletter 01.

World Class Remote: Members Newsletter 01.

It has been a productive week 🚀, I have 8 articles live, and had an my first ever guest post released on Simple Programmer named "Why you shouldn't label yourself as a Junior Developer".

Matt Smithies
Matt Smithies

Good afternoon everyone.

This is the progress of the first week with this project.

It has been a productive week 🚀,  I have 8 articles live, and had an my first ever guest post released on Simple Programmer named "Why you shouldn't label  yourself as a Junior Developer".

It was an eye opening experience to see behind the curtain see them edit and proof read my submission with such professionalism and I was surprised quick the process was as I only wrote the article over a couple of hours last sunday.

So all in all it has been extremely exciting, and we are around 8-10% to our goal.

The overarching plan

The goal is to write around 80-100 high quality posts in total. We'll be aiming for 4 posts a week, want to make this process as sustainable as possible.

And none of that "The top 10 things to do x" rubbish!

There'll be a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter of the highlights, free members only. I'll be aiming to get a guest post with a large tech blog once a month.

As some of you have mentioned you are just interested in the remote themed content, don't worry every post will be used in our upcoming Remote Developer Roadmap project. We are laying the ground work.

With a bit of luck the posts coupled with tags will be a foundation to write a book for starting remote work 🤞.

The community

I've had really good interactions with a number of individuals that are  trying to make remote work, as we all have similar problems instead of  just giving direct feedback I write it up as a proper post, so I can link it forward the future.

As the project grows I am putting a subscription in place so I can give one-on-one support better so I don't get overwhelmed.

Highlights this week

These post were some of my favourites to write, from answering questions from the community to dealing with imposter syndrome to techniques to effectively communicate your contributions to previous roles.

The premium subscription model

I've added a couple of subscriptions (Monthly and Yearly) that you may purchase, to support the project.

Consider a subscription as having skin in the game, using this material seriously, as a tool to take action.

Login to your account to see the subscriptions, note that the primary benefit of the yearly subscription is access to me, with limited direct one-on-one support with remote related questions you may have.

In addition we have created a private Facebook group so that we can build a community of private paying members to ask, inspire, share and support each other trying to make it in the remote world.

As my current pioneer members I am inviting you to join the Facebook group for free, over the next week, reach out to me.

Whats coming up next week?

These topics will be the focus for World Class Remote over the next week:

  • Why having self esteem is cruical for starting remote work.
  • Prospecting for cold clients that are already primed. (members only)
  • Balancing delivering value for free and volunteering.
  • Introducing the Remote Developer Roadmap vision, how it will be broken down and how it connects with the current articles.

Thank you for reading